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2019 Obamacare Open Enrollment for individual/Family Health Insurance

The Obamacare annual open enrollment is your chance to replace an existing health insurance or apply for a new one without medical questions. For the insurance to start on January 1 2019 you must apply by December 15, 2018. Many states extended the Obamacare open enrollment through January 2019. Pregnancy, ADHD and preventive services are covered.

At Shkedia Financial Services we have been helping US citizens, Green Card holders, H1B, L1, new immigrants, foreign nationals, and other work authorization holders who live and conduct business in the US.

Check here for Obamacare health insurance plans

You are welcome to ask for a quote, apply on-line or contact us for a free and confidential review of your current plan or to check for new health insurance coverage.

    2019 Open Enrollment- apply on time to secure the coverage

  1. The Open Enrollment for Individual/Family Health Insurance runs from November 1, 2018 through December 15 2018. Couple of states extended the 2018 open enrollment on their marketplaces (CA - on Covered California, MD - on Maryland Health Connection, DC on DC Health Link). If you apply by December 15 2018, a January 1 2019 coverage is guaranteed. 
  2. Click here for the 2019 Medicare Open Enrollment - runs October 15 2018 through December 7 2018 for January 1 2019 coverage.
  3. What's included in a Qualified Health Insurance?

  4. You may be eligible for Tax credit, Medicaid, subsidies on premiums and lower deductible under the ACA – HealthCare Reform (Obamacare)
  5. No questions about health and no exclusions due to pre-existing conditions
  6. Pregnancy is included just like any other medical condition
  7. No cost for preventive services (including flu shots, annual physical etc..)
  8. Coverage for behavioral conditions (like ADHD and many others) are included
  9. Dental and Vision basic services for children until age 19 are included in the medical insurance
  10. Hospitals, lab works, imaging (MRI, CT)  doctor visits and Rx are included
  11. What if I do not apply on time?

  12. Most legal residents of the USA MUST have a Qualified Health Insurance (individual , group insurance, Medicare, federal/state special programs) under the Affordable Care Act (ACA - Obama-Care) or be subject to a penalty
  13. Special Open Enrollments are granted outside of the regular Open Enrollment through life events such as: child birth, adoption, turning age 26, marriage, divorce, loss of other coverage etc…

Tips on health insurance and medical cost saving

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Shkedia Financial Services
Shkedia Financial Services
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