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2019 Medicare Insurance Open Enrollment

The Medicare Annual Open Enrollment will run from October 15 2018 through December 7 2018.  If you apply on time, the new Medicare Advantage or Rx-PDP plans will start on January 1 2019. This is the time to review existing Medicare insurance coverage and switch plans. 

You are welcome to ask for a quote, apply on-line or contact us for a free and confidential review of your current plan or to check for new Medicare insurance coverage.

Tips on Health - Medicare  insurance and medical cost saving

    The Open Enrollment dates are limited. You must apply on time to secure the new coverage on January 1 2018, or you may keep the current plan

    What to review and what is included in a Qualified Medicare Insurance?

  1. By default the current Medicare plans will automatically renewed for 2018. The renewed plans may have new premium and new schedule of benefits, new deductible and other changes. This annual open enrollment is your chance to review and change your Medicare advantage and Rx-PDP plans, to better fit your needs in 2019. 
  2. Insurance companies change their Rx formularies annually. You may find that a current prescribed medication will not be available on the 2019 formulary, replaced with a generic drug or the doze which you need is not approved.
  3. Review your 2019 Medicare insurance's deductible, copays, premium, out of pocket maximum, drug pricing and all the expected expenses for the 2018 plan year. Check if your pharmacy will continue to be preferred in-network for your RX plan, in order to get the most economical price of your medications.
  4. During the Medicare general open enrollment (October 15 2018 through December 7 2018) , you may switch Medicare Advantage and RX-PDP plans, without going through underwriting. The new Medicare insurance plans will start on January 1 2019.
  5. Medicare Supplement plans (Medi-Gap) like plans F, G and others may be switched at any time. After 6 months from the initial Medicare enrollment, which for most people is when they turn 65,  switching plans will go through underwriting. Unlike the Medicare Advantage plans and the PDP plans, acceptance to a new Medigap plan is not guaranteed. During initial eligibility to Medicare and during special open enrollments, acceptance to Medicare Supplement plan is guaranteed.
  6. Medicare Special Open Enrollments may be granted outside of the regular Open Enrollment through life events such as: lost of other group health insurance, relocating to another service area, diagnosed with certain medical conditions, Medicare company terminated your plans and other events.
  7. Prescription plans (Rx , Part D - PDP) may be included within the Medicare Advantage plans (MAPD), but not included with the Medicare Supplement plans.  Medicare Part D plan may be purchased as a stand alone in addition to the Medicare Supplement plan and certain Medicare Advantage (MA-PFFS) plans.
  8. In most cases Dental and Vision plans may be purchased separately. Some Medicare Advantage plans include basic Dental and Vision services, mainly provides annual checkups and cleaning.

    What if I do not apply on time?

  9. If Medicare not purchased when first available, or during special open enrollments, a delay in coverage, medical underwriting and or higher premium may be required for coverage.

International travel insurance for seniors with Medicare

Dental and Vision Insurance for seniors

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Shkedia Financial Services
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